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Troy Vincent Says Data Will Change What Players, Coaches And Officials Do This Season


2022 waymaker journal
feature Pg 72-79
2022 most influential black executives
2022 CUP BREAkthrough
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Adam talks with the NFL's Executive VP of Football Operations, Troy Vincent, who offers his stance on Colin Kaepernick and how the league is making necessary changes in light of social injustice. (28:51)

Troy Vincent talks faith and football as he unpacks How he watches football and what he looks for while watching games, his marriage and his daily walk both centered on Christ.

This week on the Rhoden Fellows podcast, Bill speaks with Tommi and Troy Vincent. The Vincents talk about the impact of their social work and how they made their marriage work during and after Troy's football career.


"Football transcends race, politics, social standing. It galvanizes communities."

"From the lights across America on Friday nights to the glory of college campuses on Saturdays to the professional stadiums of Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays, football brings people of all ages, all walks of life, of all creeds and colors together." 


"Most important, is my family and being the husband and father that the Lord expects each of us to be. Also, using the blessing of my platform to speak out for those who have no voice."

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UNPACKING IT: Sports Fans Following Jesus

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People Who Will Shape the 2022 Football Season

Who will dictate what happens in the NFL between now and the final whistle of Super Bowl LVII? Here are the executives, coaches and players to keep an eye on.

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"From a personal perspective, we can never do enough to end domestic violence and sexual assault. My passion is to assist the next generation of advocates in finding their voice."